Saturday, 10 July 2010

What I have learnt since blogging

That tolerance is better than confrontation.

That underneath the image French secret agents are often kind, intelligent people.

That adverbs can help to modify preferences. ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins is a good example of this and I would not have read his book were it not for being questioned by some bloggers about it on MyT.

That sometimes it is better for a writer not to attempt to describe everything and leave something to the imagination of the reader. Hemingway taught me that prior to MyT and is the only exception that proves the rule here.

John Simpson – a BBC English journalist – has shown in his writing how effective a semi colon is; a liberal leftie but he talks alot of sense I must admit. I like him.

Generally speaking I have learnt that left liberals are often – but not always and not all the time – unthinking conformists of prevailing fashions which probably explains why they supported the Climate Change argument as passionately as they did.

I think they are wrong not because they represent left liberalism but because all the evidence I have looked at – and I have blogged on this a few times – convinces me otherwise. The tag left liberal simply reminds me of a political attitude or point of view.

I have learnt that democracy today is fragile and that a few dominate society and the media. These few I presently label as left liberals. An example is, Peter Mandelson.

But one day this ongoing power struggle will change. When it does, you will notice more labelling but this time it will emerge from the left. This is politics.

On MyT I have been amazed at the vitriol expressed. More usually, however, I have been pleasantly surprised at the grace, politeness and tolerance shown. MyT reveals humanity for all its faults and attributes.

MyT has also enabled me to crystalize my thinking which I fully understand is not agreed with by those who live elsewhere. Thanks for listening.


  1. Nobby, I think much of the vitriol is a consequence of online 'anonymity'. People would for the most part not say some of the things they do online in face-to-face contact, no matter how much they disagreed with the person in question. Blog communities like My T are societies where the normal rules of social interaction are suspended, a version, if you like, of The Lord of the Flies.

  2. Ana, Quite. Thanks for popping in :-)