Thursday, 1 July 2010

HMS Politics

Since Britain caved into the demands of the suffragettes and granted universal suffrage I have seen my country gradually go down the tubes. No two ways about it. Bleedin' heart ideas about politics have now crystallized into New Labour dogma. The women who once burned their bra's are now freezing our pants. This is the feminization of society.

It is now more and more likely to find someone who is vegetarian and demands equal rights for animals. The ancient Greeks and even the Victorians never had to put up with this crap. Neither should we. But we do. All the time.

I'm surprised that Britain still has an effective Army. Certainly it no longer has a democracy worth fighting for. Almost every idiot under the sun can now vote. And they do. In their dreams New Labour would like the vote to be given to children and, if they had their way, criminals too. Change, is the mantra; the dogma appears as change for changes sake. For some, change is progress. Most would prefer progress for a change.

The ancient Greeks would have thought us bonkers. And, of course, we are. No longer does a classic template exist in trendy, right on, minds. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle; they had it about right. What a time it must have been when the most educated voted for the wisest and most able. Unlike today that was a democracy worth fighting for. It inspired what we have now. But what do we have today?

What appears to concern many today is racism and homophobia as if every other sin was somehow less important. Well, it probably is to those who have nothing better to think about. The feminization of society has led to New Labour being voted into government three times in succession. It used to be a Man's world.

In her classic book, 'Black Lamb, Grey Falcon', Rebecca West said that women are idiots. She also said that men are lunatics. Her point was that generally speaking women knew very little about the world of politics but they knew much about their private and domestic world. By contrast, men tended to be far more interested the public and political world outside. But they often knew far less about the concerns and interests of their own family. These are genetic differences. Celebrate them.

Sometimes nature will provide an exception to the rule. Margaret Thatcher - God bless her - was an exception. Please, no more social engineering from unthinking conformists who follow slavishly prevailing fashions. No more vogue. No more New Labour. No more idiots running the country.

I have known a woman for many years who bought a newspaper so that it gave the appearance of knowing what she was talking about. Problem is she never read the damn thing. She is bright, able and much better than myself at most things. But in conversation about politics or history it is obvious to me that she has not a clue except on matters related to character and personality. Discussion about policies or past national or international events would be pointless. My guess is that she is not unusual in this respect.

What we need today is someone who is capable of navigating and commanding HMS Britain. A person with exceptional talent. Not someone who is paraded as a victory for left liberal social engineering. In the ebb and flow of political change perhaps a beautiful, mid twenties, Margaret Thatcher could improve things. But she would have to be tough and to know the ropes. The ship must sail, the wind must blow and Britain expects every woman to do her duty.

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