Friday, 9 July 2010

Here is the news: the bleedin' obvious

Out here in Thailand I have had ample opportunity to watch the BBC World News. In China, my previous abode for three years, the BBC was banned. Though, I understand that this ban on the BBC is no more. Anyway, the important thing is that I I can now watch British news in a foreign country.

The immediate impression I have is just how Left Liberal the BBC news actually is. I must admit that several news reports have made me laugh out loud. Not because the standard of journalism is bad. Far from it. But there are moments when what is being reported appears to defy common sense.

In one report, for example, a BBC journalist took the trouble and danger of reporting undercover in Zimbabwe. The BBC is banned in Zimbabwe. It was a courageous thing to do. The report concluded that intimidation and violence was leading to an unfair election. Well, blow me down!! I never suspected that.

Talk about pulling your puches. While the population of Zimbabwe starve and are beaten to death your average BBC journalist will be agonizing about intimidation and unfair elections.

I suspect, however, that unless the SAS or a similar professional military unit are given the opportunity of enforcing regime change, the suffering in Zimbabwe will continue. To do nothing except gnash liberal teeth makes the owners of such teeth entirely complicit with the death of the innocents. So why do such people continue to abide in angst rather than recommend effective action?

The answer is Liberal Left views on Post Colonialism.

From what I have heard so far on the never ending debate on Zimbabwe there are some who more concerned about sensitivities associated with Post Colonialism than they are about saving peoples lives. In the modern BBC world, a bleedin’ heart image matters more than life itself.

Left Liberal ideas on Post Colonialism dominate and affect policy decisions but, I argue, that these views are mistaken since it was through Victorian Christian Missionaries and the enforcement of anti slavery laws at sea by the British Navy that the indigenous people of Africa were saved from Arab Swahili/Muslim slavery. Trade was considered by David Livingstone as essential to defeating slavery so that goods rather than people became the necessary commodity. It made sense and it worked.

Others, such as the explorer, Henry Stanley, developed a Christian moral initiative into a what became known as colonial Africa. Colonialism might not have been an ideal system but it certainly helped to get rid of the slave trade. Today, the people of Zimbabwe are slaves to a home grown tyranny. And, I don’t need to be BBC reporter to know this. I do not need to be paid at taxpayers expence to report on the bleedin’ obvious.

How long must action against a corrupt and murderous regime be delayed? How many people must die before Left Liberals abandon mistaken notions on British history?

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