Friday, 9 July 2010

The blood of Albion

There is yet another Telegraph report today about crime in the UK. Good old Multicultural UK. The UK that was once a warrior nation. A nation and its people, proud of a unique identity, conquered and controlled events around the world for at least a good few centuries. History more than underlines this fact. But the British people are now reduced to a habit of welfare dependency and defeatism in the face of constant moral high ground arguments put forward by the liberal left. The arguments inform us that Multiculturalism is cool. Not only that but also good for the economy. Get used to it. Those in power, New Labour, agreed. I have already posted a blog or two on this subject so perhaps we ought to listen to the Nu Lab Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith who, at last, reveals the truth about things:

“I am too afraid to walk around Hackney (in East London) after Midnight.”

That’s right. The Home Secretary is too scared to walk alone at night. Not that she need wait until 12.00 Midnight. Even a few hours before Midnight would result in more than a few nightmares. A week or so ago a 16 year old girl was Gang raped. After the attack was over the rapists squirted some type of acid inside her to get rid of DNA evidence. She now exists in intensive care. Her life is almost probably ruined. I have said all of this before. But I make no apology. I am furious about this. There are plenty more examples. This is a society unlike that even a few decades ago. Yes, there was football violence and more of it as well. But it was usually between consenting adults. It is the attack on the innocents that makes my blood boil. The ignorant, despicable, cowards.

A few years ago a friend of mine, who lives in London, returned home after visiting his uncle in a nearby neighbourhood. It was raining heavily. He could hear footsteps. He looked behind him. Three youths. He was about to be attacked. He stood his ground. The first youth was almost upon him. But suddenly stopped. Now all was clearly visable. It was no victim. My mate is a 2nd Dan grade Karate. Mid thirties. Fit and strong. The first youth said: “Nah…he will punch us out”. A close call. They ran off.

The fabric of UK society is falling to pieces. No more Liberalism please. Liberalism was wrong about pacifism in the 1930’s. Wrong about behaviourism in the 1960’s. Wrong about Genetics in the 1970’s. Wrong about Socialism & Communism in the 1980’s. And, it is wrong about Multiculturalism in Noughties. If you are a liberal come and get a reality check. I hear it is free on the NHS these days.

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