Friday, 9 July 2010

The river of consciousness

If you are a Materialist all calculations follow from such thinking. But consciousness can be seen as a convicing alternative reality. I mean that what is called reality, such as reading this writing on a hard surface is, at the sub atomic level, all one and the same thing as yourself.

The only real difference is that one reveals consciousness. Those who have faith in God will take this further to say that it was a divine consciousness that created the universe and all that emerged or evolved from it. So reality is consciousness, not Materialism.

Appearances can be deceptive. Keith Ward writes as much in his new book on “Why there almost certainly IS a God”. It is a response to a famous Scientist, Atheist and Materialist, Richard Dawkins.

Sitting beside a river in Thailand I had plenty of time to sit and stare or stand and look at the sky above. The river and the sky, both. I swam across the river and gazed back from the opposite side and where I had been musing on things.

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  1. I quite agree, Nobby. I'm more and more coming to the view that materialism is simply idolatry - it is to be deceived by appearances.