Saturday, 10 July 2010

‘The intellect comes to rule once the soul has abdicated.’

“Spengler sees Blood as the only power strong enough to overthrow Money, currently the dominant power of our age. Blood is commonly understood to mean race-feeling, and this is partially true but misleading. Spenglers idea of race has nothing to do with ethnic identity, indeed he was hostile to racists in that sense. The book talks about a population becoming a race when its united in outlook, possibly diverse ethnic origins are not a concern.

Crucially Spengler talks about the final struggle with money also being a battle between Capitalism and Socialism, but again Socialism in a special sense: “the will to call into life a mighty politico-economic order that transcends all class interests, a system of lofty thoughtfulness and duty sense” .

He also writes ” A power can be overthrown only by another power, not by a principle, and only one power that can confront money is left. Money is overthrown and abolished by blood. Life is alpha and omega … It is the fact of facts .. Before the irresistible rhythm on the generation-sequence, everything built up by the waking –consciousness in its intellectual world vanishes at the last.” Therefore if we wanted to replace Blood by a single word it would be more correct to use life-force rather than race-feel.”

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