Saturday, 10 July 2010

Reply to Ped

Ped has been venting forth on a few of my blogs, especially, “The Apostles’ Creed”(see below). This is my reply:

You quote verse line and chapter of the Bible which, for someone who is not interested in Christianity, strikes me as damn odd.

Strangely enough, it is YOU who is the “Bible thumper”, as you insultingly put it. Albeit, a negative one.

Your attempts to goad the likes of me with never ending rants about Christianity reveal far more about you than they do about me. The rants are often small minded and petty. But you know that.

You fail to see the good that Christianity has done in this world. I have written a lot about this but you never respond to that. Only the negative.

If you read a book by Michael Burleigh entitled, “Sacred Causes”, you would realize just how much you don’t know about the politics and history of Catholic Christianity.

I have never said I am an example of being a good Christian, indeed, I have often said the opposite, but you have attempted to put me in your one size fits all religious box. Jackdaw has also done this. You both have much in common.

You are also inclined to make comments with no end of libel attached to them and then feign surprise if anyone is offended.

This has happened here. And, this is what this most recent exchange is about. Perhaps what you say is so about the libel not being directed at me but then if I do not protest your constant accusations will remain unanswered.

I have not bothered to contest much of your rage against Christianity because on the rare occasion I have responded you do not evaluate the information presented to you.

This happened earlier on this blog when I corrected you only to read your reply which stated that you were “only taking the piss”. Charming.

Well, I had gone to alot of trouble writing for your benefit. Similarly, with my last comment on the “Cambridge blog”, which was written in October last year.

It took a lot of time mulling over the history of Christianity responding to your question/s, ignoring how impolite they were. But you never bothered to reply. It has happened before.

By the way, no apology was expected. If I offend someone I apologize. But I know this is difficult for some. I realize that you think of yourself as someone special but I do not share that opinion.

I hope this ends our discussion.


  1. Hallo Nobby: I am putting a post from MyT on my own website in a minute. I am interested here and will be abcck later today to read some more of your stuff. For the time being thank you for calling in at MyT and here is a link to the blog on my own Duckham website. The blog will be up there this morning so please check back; I have a few things to sort out like the lavatory in my wife's bathroom is blocked! What a start to the day?!

  2. Cheers, Duckham. I will see if there is anything I already written already which I can bring to this table of current theological debate. If so, I am unsure whether to say more here or on your blog. Now or, tomorrow? So many uncertainties. So much like life :-)