Saturday, 3 July 2010

Faith & DNA

I think that there is a hopelessness and helplessness in society today which is not unrelated to atheism. This does not mean I dislike atheism or atheists. Indeed, the opposite is often true and such independent thinking can sometimes provide inspiration, innovation and, new ideas. But atheism also means that the English working man is now left with few real hopes. Welfare dependence or nationalism are increasingly seen as the most attractive secularized choices for those who have seen their country change; largely for changes sake over the past twelve years without gaining much benefit (no ironic pun intended) for themselves.

I am not suggesting, however, that Catholicism or Christianity be wheeled out as a some sort of consolation prize for the poor and ignorant. I have seen too many examples of faith in action on the streets to house or feed the homeless to start making patronizing assumptions on what effect faith can have on society. Faith has had a massive impact on society and I think usually for the good. Of course, bad people can hijack good causes. This point is more fully explained in Michael Burleigh's, 'Sacred Causes'.

'Sacred Causes' provides much detail on the background to Communists murdering Catholic clergy in Spain and the Soviet Union in the 1930's. For example, Nuns were left to rot in public plaza's so as to disprove 'incorruption'. Although this was a misunderstanding since Catholic tradition has it that Saints flesh, not Nuns', does not decay or rot. History can often be about a subjective interpretation of the facts so that anyone can claim insight into this, that and the other. But some historians are more convincing than others.

Faith is personal so is very difficult to explain. Can you explain love? If you love someone does that mean you can do anything to them? Of course not. But if you truly love them you would not intentionally hurt them. So I believe the same is true of faith. However, here is the rub. The OT story of God, Abraham and, his son. From a Christian perspective this does make sense. If through faith God saw that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son then God would one day do the same to save Mankind from his sins.

Is everything logical? I doubt it. Man is a religious animal. It is in our DNA.

Was God being reasonable to expect Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac?

I doubt that too.

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