Thursday, 1 July 2010


I guess we must disagree. But not because we must but because I see things from an entirely different angle to you. Or, at least this a personal view. Nations take shape in and through myth; and national myths are often built upon ancient stories. In this respect the United Kingdom is no different from many other nations in that people often choose what binds a nation and its people together. Not that patriotism is unique. What is unique is a UK Monarchy which still persists against all reasonable logic. Why? Because the Monarchy represent, amongst other things, the cultural heritage of the nation. I cannot see what is wrong with this. Living symbols of history are a lesson, not a problem. In times of plenty it might not mean much but when things do not turn out as expected people can often find unity in what is historical or shared as a community. I prefer to see the UK evolving in a natural process taking with it a history which has often been the envy of the world. Lastly, I acknowledge that we live in a meritocracy but the egalitarianism you speak of is at odds with the increasing disparity between rich and poor too often seen in the UK these days. I think there is too much pressure on people to "succeed" these days and little excuse if they "fail" (my quotation marks). Not everyone can be a success. I am not against egalitarianism but I have my reservations against placing it as a model for life and society since we are not all created equal. People sometimes need an excuse for failure. Today, they havn't got that which may explain increasing depression and mental health problems. Anyway, enough. God save the Queen!

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