Friday, 9 July 2010

Tibetan Impressions

Left the UK a few days ago. Am now back in China. The land of milk and honey. Or, rather, the land of media interest. At least this seems to be the case recently. And, so it should be. Trouble is my fellow Lao Wai does not agree with me. Many remain silent and argue up any perceived slight of their adopted home, China. This is fair enough, I can understand why many people hold alternative views to my own. But I detect self interest. What do I stand to gain from defending Tibet? Nothing. What do they stand to gain? Well, they can gain the whole world for all I care.

In London I found the air as fresh as it could possibly be. Who do I thank for this? The clean air act of 1955 or Ken Livingstone? I think the former might have more to do with it. But no doubt Ken claims the glory. As well he might. Hope his days as Mayor of London are numbered. Talking of politics. Did anyone read about New Labour and One trillion pounds wasted on Education, Welfare and the NHS. As far as I can tell none of these services offer what has been invested in them. Apparently, for those that are interested it works out at 50,000 pounds a household. Do the politicians know what they are doing? Hell, they do.

As I was saying, England was a breath of fresh air. I walked to many a pub often taking a route beside a river or some woods. Then it was time to catch up on what English ale tastes like. Good. Though, I often found the ambience as inviting as anything else. So many pubs contain centuries of English history within their four walls. Now it appears that government legislation; a smoking ban, further taxes on alcohol, Local councils approving the building of more and more Supermarkets are having an affect on the Pub Trade. I am informed that in Barnet a local British Legion Club and several Pubs will be demolished to make way for two more Supermarkets. There is already a 20 aisle check out at Sainsburys yards away from the proposed new buildings. I wonder whether local councils are taking back handers on this? If so, greed could well be a factor in the changing face of Britain.

In London, I went to the National Art Gallery and stumbled upon a demonstration supporting the people of Tibet. I walked with them but said nothing. If ever a people looked beautiful and proud yet helpless it is the Tibetans. I don’t know why but I feel sad for them. Well, I do know why but people do not want to hear it.

The air is fresh in England. But the politics is stale.

I also had time to celebrate Easter. It was a reason for coming home. I am glad I did so. An old story but fresh enough for the thousands who attended Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

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