Sunday, 4 July 2010

The shame of the Left

Why do British/English Left Wingers hate their country? Why are they ashamed of British history? I do not understand it. The British have so much to be proud of in terms of their charity and force for good in this world. They were the first developed nation to put an end to slavery by trading in goods rather than people. This ended the Muslim Swahili slave trade in Africa. Both Blacks and Whites were slaves of the Ottoman Empire. Scandinavians who ventured too far into the Mediterranean had little defence against an attack at sea since their Navy was in no position to defend them. But any slave who managed to free himself and climb on board British Royal Navy ship whether he be Black or White or Yellow would be a free man in the early 19th century. No other Navy offered a comparable freedom or were willing to fight to see freedom enforced on the high seas. The Left refuse to acknowledge not only this but great advances made in medicine, social reform, democracy, wealth creation and so on. Britain is a country which now attracts millions of immigrants who seek a better way of life. Immigrants come to Great Britain for every reason; economic advantage, security, work, respect, love, hope, peace, adventure. Although some come for an easy life and others for crime too. Nevertheless, Britain remains a country which has produced more than its fair share of famous people who are well known not for the bad they have done but for the good. Everyone knows this. Everyone knows that Britain fought WW2 against tyranny on the continent of Europe. Most might know that Britain had to borrow $3,000,000,000 from the Americans to finance a welfare state enjoyed today by health tourists the world over at a cost to the tax payer of £13,000,000,000 a year. Such generosity continues. The Left often see Great Britain as a ruthless exploiter of all and sundry. The Left are often ashamed of their country; although I see the Left as people who are simply ashamed of themselves. This is not the shame of most Brits but it is the shame of the British as represented by a significant number of British people who never tire of making their bleedin' heart heard. I think I will now go and read some Keats or Shakespeare. Much more preferable to neo-Marxist ideology.


  1. Morning, Nobby,

    I think what lies at the root of the problem is that the Left hate the very concept of nation, and will do all it can to expunge even the memory of it in the national psyche. It isn't difficult to see why the Left struggled to take control of the education system from top to bottom ; for many years now they have met their aims in that respect. As a result of socialist policy, British children and young people are quite ignorant of their history.

    The situation is appalling ; but the good news is that perhaps the tide is turning. Perhaps.

  2. I hope you are right Jamie. There is much for the present government to do. Identity matters.