Thursday, 17 June 2010

My country and, Muslim people

I often stay at a Muslim hotel in Bangkok. Not just because it is inexpensive compared to many other choices but because the guests and staff are as polite and friendly as can be. The rooms are clean and spacious. Everything is tip top although waiting for a flight home, applying for jobs and attempting to get back my medical insurance at the same time takes longer than you might think.

Anyway, the reason for this blog is to say that every Muslim I have ever met has actually been friendly or polite. I cannot recall ever meeting a Muslim who isn't. Of course, I have seen pictures and know that extremists threaten British society with much harm but let us find some perspective here.

I am against Multiculturalism as a doctrine of ideology. Whether it has been introduced by the left liberal middle class from England or elsewhere I have no idea. Perhaps, it is an ideology to salve some aspect of conscience. One can only guess at the reasons why anyone would expect every race, religion and language to exist shoulder to shoulder on an overcrowded island without incident.

Indeed, what emerges from multiculturalism is the very opposite of tolerance as people look to find ways to retain their identity. This is natural and need not be considered as an extreme position. Every country has people who are proud of their ancestors and I see no liberal left reason why the people of Britain should be any different from anyone else.

Man defines himself by his differences; rather than his similarities. This is something the adherents of multiculturalism fail to understand. What they also fail to understand is that if law after law must be passed so that people do not attack each other, then there must be something wrong with society itself. Indeed, this is the broken multicultural society created by the authors of left liberal ideology, New Labour and their desire to create a client state. My opinion.

My critique is entirely against the ruling elite of Britain who are, to my mind, completely out of touch with the people they govern. Nobody asked for the broken society that they are responsible for creating. I am not against Muslims. I am not afraid of them. I am afraid of extremists and this includes extreme Muslims. I prefer to travel on the London tube on Friday mornings. Then, I feel much safer.

But nearly all Muslims - I cannot at this moment think of any exception - that I have met in England, Thailand, India, Qatar, Bosnia and, from Turkey or elsewhere, have usually been far more polite, and certainly less troublesome than people from my own country.

From my observations there is something noble in the way of life of Muslims who do not follow extremist hatred and violence. I admire that. I have no doubt that I respect most Muslim people. As for the people who represent the liberal left ideology of the BBC, The Guardian newspaper and , The New Labour Government, I must admit that I cannot abide any of them.

They have ruined my country.

Funny old world, isn't it.

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