Monday, 14 June 2010

The Legacy

A few weeks ago I received a petition asking me to sign up to get Teresa May removed from her post as Home Secretary. Why?

According to Left Wing nutters Teresa May is a homophobe. What evidence they have is not fully explained. So what exactly is her crime?

Perhaps she voted against civil partnerships. Perhaps she voted against Section 28. Perhaps she voted against abortion rights. Then again, perhaps she did none of these things. But more importantly what the hell has it got to do with those who claim to represent the Left if she did vote against their wishes?

What is clear is that many on the Left do not like democracy. I have realized this much over the years. Unite, Britain’s largest union of two million members is now planning more strike action against British Airways. Should they succeed in destroying British Airways it remains to be seen whether the airline can ever rise phoenix like from the ashes of politically motivated strike action.

Unravelling the mess made by New Labour will take time. A £1,000,000,000,000 New Labour debt will see to that. Some say that the true figure is really double the amount mentioned here. But it is not just about the dire state of national finances.

Jeff Randall writes:

‘As part of a grand plan for permanent office, more than one million immigrants were handed British passports (80% first generation arrivals vote Labour) and 900,000 workers added to the public-sector pay roll.

New Labour have changed parliamentary borders which meant that a 30% vote for Labour produced about 300 seats, whereas the same percentage for the Conservatives delivered only 200 seats.

In short just about everything that could have been done to bend the system in New Labour’s favour was in place by the time the election was called.’

I can see how many feel intimidated by the Left. The constant diet of moral drivel and claims to the moral high ground are all too apparent on MyT let alone in the world of politics itself. Political correctness has often been used by the Left to silence opposition on matters relating to immigration or homosexuality.

Some call this left liberal fascism. Whatever it is called it is not democracy. It is not what most people vote for. It is not even what most people want. But they have been bullied into line by a minority. This sounds almost reminiscent of Bolsheviks and Mensheviks; more like liberal communism than liberal fascism.

As time passes I have come to realize that without absolutes what anyone says is subjective and a matter of opinion. The problem for those who seek the moral high ground is that they attempt to gainsay others based on nothing at all except unthinking conformity with prevailing fashion. The tragedy has been that those who best exemplify this – HMS New Labour and all those who sail in her – is that they are completely unaware of this fact. Hence the arrogance and duplicity.

New Labour are now about to have a leadership contest. Is it to be Ed Balls or, Ed Milliband? Or, his brother, David?

Whovever wins expect more of the same. More political correctness. More intimidation. More claims to the moral high ground. More moralistic drivel. And, more attempts to brainwash society into allowing New Labour the power to do even more damage to the country I used to know as Great Britain.


  1. Hello Nobby. Yes, MyT ain't what it used to be.

    I hope you're well. Still in the UK?

  2. Hi Nobby,

    Yes, the Labour Party is a travesty of its former self but, at the same time, it has more or less fulfilled its destiny as a marxist party ; it's just that nobody expected it to go so far. It has achieved its aims by almost completely subverting the education system so as to produce a public that is largely uncritical of the destruction of our traditions ; a public that doesn't really care much about its own country and its future.

    But ... a tide always turns. Let's hope that the damage done can be reversed.

  3. Just caught your forwarding address on MyT, Nobby. I will bookmark this page and call in again. Good to see you.

  4. Hi Brendan. Still in the UK but travelling around. Back home now again. Plans are to go further afield at some point. At the moment though these remain fields of dreams.

  5. Hi Jamie. I have been watching last weeks PMQ's. Without power Labour sound and look even more pathetic. I had not thought this possible.

  6. Cheers Araminta. Thank you for stopping by.