Sunday, 27 June 2010

Doing things differently

If football is the new religion I am now an English athiest. I no longer believe. I have never seen a team of eleven individuals paid so much money and loved so much do so very little. If Winston Churchill had seen the latest England performance he might have been moved to have said that never in the field of international football have so few owed so much to so many.

There was no passion, no conviction, no imagination, no intelligence, no luck, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Once again the English FA have paid millions of pounds for that.Millions of pounds which will now deepen the pockets of another failed foreign manager.

If anyone had any sense they would have had a Great Britain team long ago. It would have reflected the true spirit and success of this country. And, this success would have brought about more than one World Cup win. I am conviced of that. But the British will continue to handicap themselves to be less than the sum of their parts for no better reason than this is the way we have always done things.

Get rid of the overpaid footballers and put in a team which reflects British football. A team from the Championship with only British players ought not to be too hard to find. I think they would beat Germany.


  1. Good evening, Nobby .. hear, hear :-)

  2. Hello, Marya ... it's good to see you. You don't seem to be on the new MyT. You and Nobby are missed.

    Nobby, I don't think a 'Great Britain' team would do much better ... what world-class Scots or Welshmen are there? A team from the Championship would have lost even more heavily, in my opinion ... they wouldn't have been able to get the ball from players with suprior technique.

    Ossie Ardiles said last night that England lost because they play an outmoded style of football and can't adapt when things go wrong. Until they have the technique and passing game to rival the likes of Germany and Spain, things are unlikely to get better, in my opinion. They just can't keep possession of the ball for long enough, and that's been the case with England sides for a long time.

  3. Good point Brendan. I have just read that Michael Owen has been saying the same thing in the Daily Telegraph this morning. But I am not convinced. The spirit was missing. It was not just about tactics. Gerard had three shots in succession and each one had the power of a small boy. Unlike his usual self when playing for Liverpool. And, Rooney was simply awful. The Manager is sophisticated enough and need not be taught lessons in tactics by us. But England are usually so predictable. I could not believe that they were relying on exactly the same play by Milner to send over crosses knowing that Germany would have studied this before the game.

  4. Hello Brendano ... Thank you .. it's good to see you, too. I hope you and all your family are well :-)
    I do miss my friends on MyT but it seems that
    I'm persona non grata on the new MyT .. it will not accept my log-in or a registration as 'marya' - it persists in telling me there is already such a member! I see, though, that my blogs are on the new, if baffling, website :-