Saturday, 26 June 2010

Envy breeds unkind division.

I have read this morning that the Unions are now threatening strike action because of public service cuts. Can this be true?

Oswald Spengler once said that Socialism working class capitalism. If this is true then it might explain why the Unions can see no further than filling their own pockets instead of realizing that times have changed.

And, times have changed because the New Labour party most union memebers have supported over the past thirteen years wasted £1,000,000,000,000 of public money and created the same amount of national debt. This has invited the new Tory coalition government to put right what Labour have done wrong.

But a new generation of class warriors now seek confrontation. Unite is the union now representing well over two million members. It is a union which has gained millions of pounds of tax payers money and this has inevitably encouraged its more radical members to re- enact an age old class war.

It might be hardly noticed by some but this is actually a safe option because most other forms of difference in Britain today are no longer fashionable; ethnicity, religion, gender all are to be celebrated in Multicultural Britain. But cultural prejudice persists involving age or class which are more or less tolerated in our society today. Why? Neither age nor class have anything to say about Multiculturalism.

So the class war continues unabated. The Summer of love is now looking like turning into a Summer of discontent. But it will be a discontent expressed by Socialist malcontents who unsurprisingly seek personal gain over national unity.

"When envy breeds unkind division: There comes the ruin, there begins confusion."

William Shakespear's, Henry 1V.

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