Saturday, 19 March 2011

The disUnited Kingdom

You delude yourself with thoughts on my opinion. Most of my friends are or have been Labour voters but even some of them have had to leave inner city areas of London because of falling educational standards and/or intimidation. It is all very well with you lecturing me about love thy neighbour or at least what is probably your own secularized left liberal version of this but in what town or street do you live? and what do you tolerate everyday in your life? Not everyone can be conveniently labelled as ‘a Nazi’ just because they happen to disagree with Multiculturalism; a project of social engineering abused by the last Labour goverment for purposes of creating their own client state. I recall a country without hardly any of these issues or problems and in many ways it was a better society for that. My father escaped three Nazi bombs in his London childhood and remembers the speeches of Winston Churchill as they were heard throughout the community of that time. He misses this age of respect and duty when no one screamed about their rights or about racism because there was no immediate reason to do so. That was when there was a sense of belonging and identity. A shared sense of history. Shared values too. But you seem to care very little about any of this preferring to focus on words such as: racism, genocide, bigotry, colour, violence, intolerance, etc etc. These words never meant much until the society they reflect today was forced upon the people of Britain. Still, as long as you can argue yourself to the top of the moral high ground who cares what the future brings to a fractured British society eh.

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  1. I despise the whole notion of multiculturalism and the sloppy thinking behind it.