Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A clash of ignorance?

I am not in the business of fending off critical analysis on behalf of Samuel Huntingdon’s, Clash of Civilizations. If people do not agree with his thesis I can very easily live with that. I am not likely to agree with liberals on this score because we are unlikely to share the same first principles. Most liberals (those that think deeply enough) are cultural relativists. Indeed, relativism underscores much opinion today. But I believe most secular liberals these days display unthinking conformity with prevailing fashion. An original view on anything is not to be expected let alone articulated. My viewpoint is moderately right wing and to some extent libertarian. I do not hate Islam and find living in a Muslim country an enjoyable experience. What Huntingdon alerted myself and others to was a multiculturalist society requiring an ever increasing number of laws to keep everyone on board. The last Labour government introduced a new law every day for every day they were in power; they were in power for about thirteen years. That is a lot of days and a lot of new laws. This is what I would call left liberal authoritarianism. Britain is no longer a country which applauds free speech. In fact any criticism of, say, foreigners and homosexuals is as likely as not to invite Police interest. People no longer feel the need to assimilate into society because any criticism will affect the future of those who notice differences. But people define themselves by their differences so if the police are told to arrest anyone who comments on such matters it is national identity which will become confused; a people with a confused idea of their identity will not be a happy nation. It will become fractured. This is what happened to Yugoslavia (I have visited Croatia and Bosnia) which brings me full circle to Samuel Huntingdon’s thesis. Most people never asked politicians to misrepresent their views. A left liberal elite has dominated British politics for far too long. Only now is there a slight chance that this will change but it is probably far too late to right what Labour have done wrong.

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