Monday, 27 June 2011

Something sacred


Having spoken to you for a number of years now and having read some of your blogs,it seems to me that many of your views are very similar to those of the BNP. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being facetious or having a go or anything like that. But would it ever occur to you to vote for them and if not why not?

Hi mate, UKiP yes. BNP no. The difference is that the BNP are essentially Socialist and, dare I say it, a touch racist. I understand how white van man feels and many ordinary people feel marginalized by a left liberal elite that hardly cares about them. So I understand the BNP and their support but it is a desperate place to be. I understand but do not agree with their views even on the economy. If I attend Mass I feel more in common with, say, the Indian Catholic than I do with the White secularized Labour voting atheist. So no this is not about race but about identity. It is not, in my view, for the British State to promote different cultural identities - this is what Multiculturalism is all about. Ultimately Multiculturalism will fracture nations unless they have a strong left liberal centre which restricts free speech. I see free speech as something sacred. Does this help?

Thanks Nobby, I can now see exactly where you are coming from.And yes,I too see free speech as something sacred.

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