Wednesday, 6 April 2011

FAO: David Cameron

On a recent trip to Pakistan David Cameron is reported in the Daily Telegraph saying that: "Britain has caused many of the world's problems."

Really? Is this so? This is my response and have emailed it to No.10:

Cameron has just lost any credibility I thought he may have had. What a complete twit. Does he not know that Britain fought the good fight in the early 1940's of WW2 when many others did not?

Does he not realize that Great Britain was amongst the first to end the slave trade and effectively abolished the Muslim/Swahili slave trade in Africa by the introduction of a policy which was to encourage trade in goods rather than people? The Royal Navy enforced this policy on the high seas stopping the Dutch and anyone else who traded in slaves rather than goods.

Was it not Ghandi, as Indian nationalist, a catalyst for the events which later unfolded in Indian independence?

From where I sit politicians today have not the stomach for anything much except what can be gained by saying what is deemed the fashion of the day. Unthinking conformity with prevailing fashion is now part of the British landscape.

David Cameron is revealed as nothing more than yet another modern day apologist; he ought to be proud of British history, not ashamed of it. He presents himself as a Polly Toynbee in Tory clothing.

Even during WW1 Ludwig Wittgenstein, the great 20th century philosopher, thought more of the English than David Cameron does:

“It seems to me as good as certain that we cannot get the upper hand against England. The English — the best race in the world — cannot lose! We, however, can lose and shall lose, if not this year then next year. The thought that our race is going to be beaten depresses me terribly, because I am completely German.”

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  1. Good morning, Nobby ...Well said .. You have spoken my thoughts aloud and I'm sure many others feel the same sense of utter disappointment in this so-called 'Conservative' Prime Minister ..

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  3. Great blog Nobby

    I should email mine too! But do they care about us ordinary folk? May be not.
    Keep writing though.

  4. Thanks Sabina. True. I know they hardly care but these things are worth saying and think you agree.

  5. Worth saying, Nobby, and worth saying well.